I haven't seen my normal hair color for 30 years! ROP

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I was born blonde and then gradually starter going darker and darker. Since age 15 I have weaved my hair with blonde and now I'm 43 and do not have any idea what color my hair is. I feel like its time to see the real me. How do I this gracefully? and gradually? I don't know if I have brown hair, black hair or a dirty dishwater hair color. Maybe its a great color but maybe not.

My hair is chin length and curly. Do I get frequent cuts since it is shorter and so I can gradually cut it out? Do I get a darker color put on? (This scares me because I've only seen blonde for 30 years I might freak!)

Help!!! Thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!! Jennifer


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    Stop dying it and let it grow. Hopefully your natural shade will put a nice contrast with the died hair. When it gets a reasonable length cut of the died hair and wear your natural color.
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    I'd stop dyeing it for at least a little while (or stop doing the back at least) so you can see what your real hair color is. Then, you can get "lowlights", which are like highlights, but the darker color. So you'll have less of a "root" look as you grow it out. Gradually put in more lowlights, and you'll be back to your own color, with enough transition time so that it's not a huge shock.
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