PLEASE help newbie with my FRIZZ!!!

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I have had frizzy hair my entire life and it's enough to make me scream. It's definitely 2B hair - thick, wavy, and ALWAYS frizzy. Thus far I've only found two ways of getting rid of it:

1) Going to a salon and letting them straighten it their (expensive) way. I VERY rarely do this, as I don't like spending money this way, plus I like the waves in my hair.

2) Throwing tons of LA Looks Gel into it to simply "freeze" it into place.

The LA Looks Gel makes it completely non-frizzy... but it also makes it stiff, unyielding, and somewhat fake-looking. It works for going out in evenings but I hate sitting here right now with my frizzy hair all around my shoulders.

What I want is something that will let me keep my waves but GET RID OF THE FRIZZ! I've tried Matrix Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner (which did absolutely nothing), John Frieda products (just a lot of grease), putting hot oil in my hair and washing it out 20 minutes later (nada, zip, zilch), and that's just recently. I'm glad to go out and get more products but I'd rather not spend money on things that don't work as always seems to happen.

I'm just SO TIRED of it being frizzy. Please help the desperate newbie!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(


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