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Hey i want help from you i want to get my hair dyed (ash blonde) and my natural hair color is dark brown i want to know if it will damage my hair?

I have a choice inbetween loreal excellence and revlon color silk do you have any idea which one is better?

If i get a permanent dye will that damage my hair?

p.s iv bin on cg since a week now..


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    Lightening your hair will damage it, there's pretty much no way around that. Also, I don't think it's going to be possible for you to lighten your hair from dark brown to ash blonde with a drugstore box kit. That's a pretty significant lightening, and most of the box kits only let you go a shade or two lighter. You'd have to do it in several passes and you'll fry your hair in the process.

    Because you are looking for a dramatic color change, I would go to a professional, because it's going to require a pretty heavy bleaching to get you as light as you want to be.
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    Even with a professional, they may want to do it in several stages depending how light of a blond you want. My stylist told me about how hair darkness is measured on a scale from 1 to 10, and you NEVER want to lighten more that 4 steps at a time.
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    The up keep would be a big thing to consider also. You will have roots in 2 weeks and have to touch up at least every 4 weeks for it to look good
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    I was born platinum blonde, faded, over the years, to brown, and I'm dyed ash. It doesn't take more than one processs, for me. My hairdresser, in fact, uses a no ammonia dye. It's very good for the hair. She managed to get me blonde all over, I prefer blonde on blonde, with no highlights. It's been two weeks, and the color looks even better now than it did last week, but it's very true about the upkeep. I get my roots done every three weeks.

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