What products to use with fine, thin hair?

Do any others out there with 3a fine, thin hair find gel too heavy for their hair (I use Arcangel and One Condition as leave-in)ne C )?

If you use other products, what do you use instead ---especially in the summer?


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    I am more a mix of 2b on top and 3a on bottom. I have very fine, thin hair (pretty short as well) and I use gel. I've also used and like some mousse (except Mousse tends to make my hair drier so I have to use different conditioners and/or leave in more with mousse)

    I make my own FSG and love it and mix just a bit of gel in the last puddle to scrunch in. So far it's working well. I've used Proclaim Gel, Got2b spike gel, HESMU spray gel, and BRHG. Right now BRHG is working for me with the FSG--it's the only time I can get it to work for some reason but it works! If I use a mousse like Joico Joiwhip or HE TT I use Proclaim gel with it (this is a cheap Sally's gel)

    It may be your products. I've never used Deva so I have no experience with the Arcangel or One-C but you might want to try some others. Sometimes one combo works and another doesn't:)
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    I have fine, thin hair, too. My hair likes the more natural products. I gave up gel for a little while last Fall, but restarted with it during the cold, dry winter. Now, I always use it. I rotate products, seldom using anything more then once or twice a week. As many of us do, I started out with the Deva products--but didn't find them to be anything special.
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    I also have very fine hair and find that I need to low-poo every other day otherwise my curls get weighed down, I also use a very light conditioner. As for styling, I use jessicurl RR and gel only on days that I have shampooed. On alternate days when I only water wash, I use mousse (look for a mousse with the fewest ingredients and scrunch it into dripping wet hair like you would with a gel).
    HTH, let us know how you go :)
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    If you find a good lightweight conditioner that doesn't cause build up, please let me know :) Still on that quest.
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    Jason Thin to Thick shampoo is heaven sent for my fine hair. It's organic, low detergent but very bodifying and I've been noticing lots of new growth from it. I only condition in the shower once a week, but it's just the ends and always before shampooing (too much conditioner inevitable weighs me down.)

    I always use a very light hand with my products, just a touch of cone free conditioner as a leave-in mixed with a wee bit of Boots curl cream and never applied near the roots.
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    Thanks for all your suggestions. I am going try them out.
    By the way, I looked in my closet storage area for products and I found an interesting one that I am going to try again. It is Prive Amplication Liger. It is a weightless gel mousse type combo so those who mentioned that mix might have created a product similar to this!