Could anyone suggest a good volume reducer?

downward-spiraldownward-spiral Registered Users Posts: 3
I have wayyyyy more hair than I'm ever gonna need so I need way to thin it out a bit. Can hairdressers do this? I'm afraid mine will just use some yucky sulfate-y, silicone-ridden product and screw up my CG routine.

Sooo I've heard volume reducing products work too. Can anyone suggest a CG-friendly one?

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    you could ask for layers, or just ask them to thin out your hair. i've got very thick hair too and a few years ago my hair used to be a big bush in the back and i got layers in the back and it helped, it was still curly but it didn't poof out as much. :)
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    I have super thick, sometimes poofed 2C hair so I know your pain. I reccommend putting in a hold product and fishtail braiding overnight. I do this then straighten my ends and my bangs, hit with some hair spray (at night and in the morning, while braids are in) and when I take them out I get nice calm waves. Also, using a serum helps. You can learn how to do fishtail braids on youtube, wikihow, etc. It's not hard when you get the hang of it.
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  • agharvey1014agharvey1014 Registered Users Posts: 15
    if u really dont want all that volume u can ask ur hairdresser to thin it. they have special sicciors (sorry i cant spell) that have teeth on them that kinda layer ur hair but thin it too

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