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How long did it take for your curls to get "right"?

Ok,this will be my last question for today...lol

My hair ised to be pretty curly (spiral curls) before years of flat ironing & using a curling iron. Now, of course it's more wavy on top but nice & curly underneath. I know it will take some time for those curls to come back on top.

I know it's different for everyone & it's dependent upon your haircare & proucts used but I'm curious...how long after you went CG did your curls start to look the way you wanted them to or return to the way they used to be (after much heat styling)?
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*Suave Tropical Coconut
*Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner
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    I've been CG since december 2008, and I'm still seeing the effect of the damage my combed out (in june 2008) dreads left me. My hair wants to spiral, the ends say; nah, a wave is more then enough effort for me :laughing4:
    2c? 3a? Mostly coarse, but LOVIN' the proteins and fighting overconditioning! My hair is just plain weird :glasses1:

    LowPOO; Creme of Nature shampoo
    CO; L'Oreal Nutrigloss & AOGBP
    Other; nettle tea once a week instead of CO, JCRR, JCAS
    Stylers; KCCC, L'oreal studio line gel
    Don't like; PVP, non-vegetable glycerine

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