big chop... maybe?

Trinicurlgal593Trinicurlgal593 Registered Users Posts: 2
I'm transitioning from a relaxer and i am so scared i want to bc but then again i dont like what will people say or will i go into shock from my natural texture?!


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    I say just do it. I transitioned for such a short period of time because I couldnt deal with/was extremely frustrated with dealing with 2 different textures that needed two different care methods.

    Yes, having really short hair was a shock, but I think it was completely worth it. I'm watching my baby TWA grow and flourish and it's really exciting :)

    Good luck on your journey!

    Last relaxer: August 2008
    Big Chop: December 2008/January 2009
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  • nutterbutterflynutterbutterfly Registered Users Posts: 137
    I BC-ed at the end of June, and ohhh, I was so happy I did =)

    I had friends who were not exactly encouraging... as in "Katie!! You CANNOT cut your hair!! Long hair is... different!"

    ...this because I had near-waist-length hair and wanted to cut it to shoulder-length. It's APL now, I forget what it was then, but I would encourage you to do it. Who cares what people say... for any negative comments you might get, there's at least someone who will be (maybe silently) applauding you.
    I am a 3a/b with normal-coarse hair that is medium-thick and fairly porous.

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