help, how to flat iron ??

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How do you straighten your hair so that it stays nice for a reasonable amount of time ( a few days).
Considering that it takes me a whole hour to straighten it , it's quite annoying that it stays gets all frizzy after less than a couple of hours or much less.

I have curly hair , I think it is 3c or 4a.
I am happy with my curly hair but would like to wear it straight sometimes. I got a flat iron and some hot rollers for this purpose.
I've straightened my hair only a few times but it never last more than a couple of hours.

Last time I used a VS sasson flat iron and hot rollers to roll parts of it after straightening.
I was very happy with the results, it looked very nice immediately after I finished , but it stayed that way for less than two hours.

I would love to know how to straighten it right, so that I can enjoy the results for at least a day or two.

Thanks a lot


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    I use Sabino Moisture Block. It's honestly the only HG product I've ever found. I live in Chicago and the summers here are very humid and it keeps my hair straight, even on those rainy, 90 degree days. I've used it for over a year now and still am getting great results (and am still on the same bottle, so while it seems pricey, you use so little that it lasts for FOREVER and my hair is thick and about bra strap length right now)

    My straightening routine is as follows:
    -Wash my hair at night with shampoo (I'm not loyal to any brand really...they're all kinda the same to me) and condition with Redken Real Control mask, combing it through in shower
    -towel dry with Curl Ease towel
    -spritz in Liquid Keratin Leave-In Condish
    -Mix a dime size amount of Maxius Beyond Straight (another great product that seems pricey, but you use so little 1 bottle lasts for forever) and a few drops of Moisture Block in my hand and distribute through my hair, concentrating on ends. Comb through
    -Next I let it air dry overnight as I sleep (I prefer not to blow dry as to spare my hair the extra heat damage, but I do every now and again when I'm in a time crunch)
    -Once dry, flat iron section by section with my Maxiglide, adding a drop of Moisture Block to dry hair, then flat ironing over it.

    My hair stays stick straight till I wash next. I can usually get about 3-4 days until it feels dirty. I know its the MB that makes the difference because when I get my hair cut, my stylist uses Redken products on me and will flat iron my hair and the second I walk outside if there is an once of moisture in the air, I frizz and curl up.
    3a on top and sides/3b underneath...lots of hair

    My HG: Sabino Lok & Blok
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    Thanks so much curly brunette
    I'll look for a moisture blocker in my area. Actually this is the first time I'm hearing abt a moisture blocker, (I'm quite new to straightening). Does it have to be a certain kind or will any do ?
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    Yes, the product is Sabino Moisture Block. You can find it online if you google it.
    3a on top and sides/3b underneath...lots of hair

    My HG: Sabino Lok & Blok

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