chicagoGen says hi and thank you

chicagoGenchicagoGen Posts: 1Registered Users
I big-chopped my relaxed ends off last week after transitioning since Nov 2004. It was such a shock to see myself with short, fuzzy, curly hair! Now I have a bunch of crazy hair (including waviness on top, undefined frizziness in the middle, spirals underneath) that I have to learn how to deal with, and this board's already been a big help.

I'm looking forward to continuing to learn from everyone, especially about awesome products and curl management techniques. I'm already trying some of the recommendations I've seen to fight the frizz, hydrate, and weigh my wild hair down a little.

Thanks everyone for making this place such an awesome resource for otherwise-helpless curlies like me. See you on the other boards!


  • briccagrlbriccagrl Posts: 540Registered Users
    Welcome Chicagogen :D I am sure that you will get plenty of tips from your fellow curlies on this site.

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