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Hi, I would like to know if here in the U.S is any special process or system for straghtening curly hair. I went to my country and some of my friend have a perfect and amazing straight hair, they told me, the went to a beauty salon, and did the CHI system, and hey say the first day take around 4+ hours, but when is done, you can take shower, go to the pool or beach, and you still have straight hair, and don t need re-touch, only every 7 months. They told is kinda expensive there.

But I never hear about it here in the US but, I know they have products for you hair, and the flat iron, but they do this kinda system in a beauty salon???, can you so yourself?, how you call here in the US.

Just tell me more about it, Im new in the US, so anything is new for me.



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    I don't really know anything about this, but I have heard that some salons have a procedure called CHI Quick Smooth by Farouk. I was told that this is a "curl and frizz reduction procedure" that contains no alcohol or formaldehydes.

    But, no one that I know has ever had it done or has ever heard of it.

    If you learn anything more about this, please post it here. Thanks. Good luck!!
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    Thanks for you answer, I was searching around in the internet, in this look like the japanese straightener, I guess they call CHI in my country, I don t know why, but I keep searching!!

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