How to wash correctly with conditioner

I'm going CG for the first time today (in only a few hours I'm going to be washing my hair). I'm using Suave Naturals Coconut as a co-wash, and I just want to make sure I wash correctly so it turns out good. Do I just wash like I would shampoo?
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    Yes. Just make sure to massage your scalp for 2 - 3 minutes before rinsing it out.
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    This is from Laura Lee's guide
    Here’s how to co-wash. Take a little quarter sized puddle and use the pads of your finger tips (not your nails) and scrub your scalp just as you would have done with shampoo. If you need more conditioner, use it. The amount each person will need will vary. I use 2-4 good sized puddles per wash.
    After you’ve scrubbed your whole scalp with conditioner, take another small puddle and scrub the length like you would have with shampoo.
    When you rinse it out, keep scrubbing. Scrubbing while rinsing ensures that all the grime an oil is being lifted away and carried away.
    Now you’ve co-washed and your hair is clean and ready to go on to the next step of the CG routine.
    Hope that helps!
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    I don't understand how you "Scrub the legnth of your hair"...
  • cakj99cakj99 Posts: 575Registered Users
    I don't understand how you "Scrub the legnth of your hair"...

    i don't scrub per se, but i do massage and work the conditioner through the length of my hair pretty well (finger-combing works, too). this helps remove all of the gel i use, and just makes my hair feel better when i rinse. hth

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