Thoughts on an Android app to tell you what products to use??

Hi everyone!

Me and a friend are thinking of creating an application for the Android cell phone that will tell you what to use/avoid in product ingrediants based on the dew point in your location.

It would automatically look up where you are and what the dew point is going to be, and then using some general rules (like the ones from PittsburghCurlies blog), it would then tell you what ingrediants to use or avoid.

Would love to know what you curlies think of this, as it would be aimed at being useful for you.

Any other suggestions on what it could do? Maybe it could incorporate a hair products diary, instead of us using excel sheets. That way it could track which ones worked on which type of weather days, and maybe suggest those combos on simliar days?

Ideas, thoughts??

Thanks! :cheers:
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