HELP! I have no idea which products to use!

I have (I think) 3a-3b hair, and highlights. The highlights are evil and dried out my hair, so whenever I have a shower, when it dries it's a huge thing of deadness! I've found out (by this site) that I'm not sopossed to use shampoo. I haven't for about a week, and my hair is getting better, but it still never dries right.

1. What are some conditioners I can use in the shower that will help with the deadness?

2. What are some products to use to make my curls not frizz up? (as in, when air drying)

I hope that someone could help me, because I would really appreciate it :)
3a-3b Hair
Redken all-soft conditioner
Leave in conditioner
KMS curl-up (THE BEST :D)
KMS flat out hot spiral spray?
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    Your hair sounds a bit like mine as far as curl. I had been on CG for almost two months when I had my hightlights done and my hair came through it very well.

    I love the GVP line from Sally's. I specifically co-wash using their Paul Mitchell The Detangler and ocassionally the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Conditioner copies. I use their version of Matrix Conditioning Balm as a leave in. Then I use Volumax Volumizing Gel, plop for 20-30min, clip like chicpower's tutorial and let air dry (sometimes diffuse a bit). SOTC with my hands or a bit of Bioterra Curl Cream and go.

    You may need some deep treatments too. I like the Lustrasilk products from Sally's (sometimes use the CB to deep treat too). You can also try protein (GVP has their version of the Joico K-Pak that's good), but you need to follow up with a moisturizing deep treatment.

    As you can see I love Sally's for products.:toothy2:

    Best of luck and hang in there. You are doing something wonderful for your hair!!!

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