HELP!!! Curly,Puffy, Frizzy hair!

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Hi i'm a newbie at naturallycurly. com! I need some recommendations I have curly, puffy,frizzy hair. The top layer is all staight (very separated strands of hair)and puffy but on the bottom layer it's curly. When I'm done taking a shower my hair is a nice wet curly but when it dries it turns really poofy (you can't see the curls at all) and I just tie it into a pony tail. My hair is very damaged as well because when I was younger I used a hair brush ,not comb, because I wanted it staraight (i was only in 1st grade) and thats why I think the top layer of my hair is very poofy now. My cousin tells me I should cut off some of the volume but I really don't know what to do.And my mom is taking me to the hair salon tomorrow to get my hair done.
Does anyone know if I should cut off the volume? and what hair proudcts would be good for my hair and help restore it because I know under all the puffy hair their are really nice curls!
Thank You!!!


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    BEFORE you cut off the volume try [buylink=]Kinky Curly Curling Custard[/buylink]. This stuff works MIRACLES for even the poofiest of poofy hair!
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    are you CG yet?

    If not there are some usuful articles in the newbies thread about what the CG method is, how to do it, and even some cheap starter products.

    I've noticed that the CG method has really helped me and your hair sounds a little like mine before I went CG.

    Good luck.8)
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