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As much as I loved my Maxiglide, I HATED the Conair Infinity!! I just used it and here are my opinions: First, this is difficult/awkward to use. You are supposed to pass each section of hair through three parts of the straightening attachment~ the first is a detangling comb, the second is Tourmaline ceramic plates, and the third is flocked discs. They suggest holding the end of your hair while moving the dryer through, to try to keep control of it. This is not easy!! Plus when you get to the ends of your hair and let go (so not to burn your fingers) the hair flies away. You are also supposed to press in 2 buttons and rotate the straightener to do various areas of your hair that may need a different direction~ I tried to do this and burned myself because the attachment is so hot! I don't understand how they expect you to rotate this unless you are going to shut it off, wait ten minutes, and then do the next section of your hair.

Edited to add: I forgot to mention you also are instructed to 'pre-dry' the hair using the dryer w/o the straightening attachment. I did this, but still got very bad results.

When I was finished I was hot, my fingers hurt from being burned, my hair was huge and FRIZZY all over and some parts were not even straight. I give this product a huge, giant Thumbs Down and I'm glad I am able to return it for a full refund. This was a big disappointment. I also want to add that I read the instruction booklet and even went back and re-read the straightening section to make sure I was using it correctly. Maybe someone else will have better luck with this, but as for me I am going to go back to air drying & using my new Maxiglide, which was well worth the money!

PS I'm not sure what my hair type is~ tight curls in some areas, looser near the crown/front. If you've read "Curly Girl" I am a mix between Corkscrew & Botticelli.


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    it sounds like an AWFUL product! i mean, how are you supposed to hold it and your hair and push buttons and maneuver it all at the same time?! then again, i've never liked conair, it seems to be extremely cheap... :?

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    Thanks for the info - I had wondered if anyone had tried this yet. I just knew the advertising was too good to be true! I am glad you got your money back!
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    Yea when I watched the infommercail I was I all ready know I'm not going to use that right, or if I do it's going to be really awkward. Straighting your hair should take one step. I'm going to go buy Maxiglide now :D
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    Finally! I tried the Maxiglide too (I have 3b curls) and got the exact same results as you...but it seemed like everyone else loved it! I also went back to the instruction booklet, convinced that I had done something wrong. If you have moderately-very curly hair, you know that when straightening, a lot of attention needs to be paid to the ends or they end up looking frizzy and damaged...well this does not concentrate on the ends at all. NOT easy to use, a waste of money.
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    I got one for Xmas and love it. I probably have 3a curls in the summer; they tend to be less in the winter. I knew when I got the Infiniti it would take getting used to. I have found I have to rotate the attachment depending on which side of my hair I am doing. If I use it on high, I can't seem to control it very well. But if I use it on low, I have great luck with it. I have found you can't use it when your hair is really wet. I usually let it air dry for about a half hour to hour, then dry it till damp, then use the straightening attachment. My hair feels very soft when styled.

    I have found no matter how I am styling my hair to do the bangs right away. If I let them dry in the direction they want, then there is no changing that direction. Therefore, I do dry them and straighten them immediately after washing my hair.

    Back to the Infiniti. . . I love it. I'm sure it's not for everyone and it's not something you are going to pick up and like the first time you try it. Also, mine came with a DVD. If I hadn't had the DVD to watch, I might not like it as well. I do think you need to see a demonstration.
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    I like my Infinity a lot despite a learning curve that continues...
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