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I have long curly hair and desperately need help. I have no curly-haired friends or family and dont know what to do with my hair.
I would welcome any info on hair salons in Ireland that know anything about cutting curly hair.
I bought the Curly Girl book online and have read it through twice and would just love to be able to follow all the advice but I need a suitable cut for my curls.
I have millions of questions that I would like to ask, like:
Is any one else addicted to hair mousse + gels like me?
Is it really possible to manage your hair if you dont wash it every day ?
Why does my hair always look like a mess even though I spend so much money and time trying to control it( unlike my straight-haired friends)?
I have stopped high-lighting it because it was getting too dry but does it really make a difference?
I dont know how to classify my hair as it is so curly and so thick and so dry that I find it hard to find any two curls that are alike !!
I would love to get some info because I am at SHAVING-HAIR-OFF stage (no appropriate Smilie to express this feeling),so please do respond if you have any ideas.


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    Hello there. Although I think this is a great site in many many ways, I'm not completely understanding the logic behind this "euro-specific" board, which few people visit anyhow. I would suggest that if you haven't already, you may want to check out the "general" board for curly hair, because so many of us curly-heads sound like you, regardless of whether or not their ethnic roots are in European (which at least half of mine are). Many curlies have very multiracial backgrounds and sound a lot like you. And I wonder why it's about just those from areas of Europe, and not other areas of the world (with more melanin) that get to give and receive tips at the site. Anyhow, it's possible I'm missing something, and I digress. Sorry. I do have a feeling you could benefit greatly by visiting other parts of the forum, though. The best of luck to you!

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    This is the swap forum, where people can sell or exchange products. The swap forums is divided in continents/countries because of the shipping involved.

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