heat protectant for roller sets?

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I needed to smooth out my curls for a special event, and thought I was being safe by using magnetic rollers and a bonnet hair dryer. I admit that I got impatient and set the dryer at high for a couple of minutes, but I never would have gotten it dry otherwise. I was surprised with how good it looked from the set, but was anxious to get my corkscrews back. It SEEMS like there's one patch of hair that is more frizzy now, so I wonder if I did some damage. As an aside -- I used a fair amount of coconut oil on my hair, which may or may not have protected it some, but definitely left it greasy to the touch (great for my fingernails, I"m sure), so I won't be doing that again. And because of the oil, I did use Elucence's shampoo afterward which I almost never do. Anyway, I will need to do some sort of curl smoothing weekly for the next two months (long story), and thought using the roller option was the healthiest one I could find. So I"m wondering -- would it be effective if I used a heat protectant on my WET hair while I'm setting it in the rollers? I was thinking that way the dryer's heat wouldn't hurt it. Or does anyone have a healthier suggestion (that won't take a full day of drying)?

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