Hair Help?

Hey everyone! I haven't posted here in a long time, and I have some more problems!
My hair is really thick and when it dries, it gets frizzy and pretty big/tight. Not huge, but bigger than I like it. Although I haven't seen my hair down and all the way dry for literally years, I know that it's an issue. Any product recommendations that would naturally calm/relax the curl without chemicals to make it looser? Thanks in advance:thumbup: Oh, and my hair is 3b.


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    Are you currently using any conditioner/styling products?

    My hair needs lots of moisture to help with the frizz and I find gel helps keep my curls under control. I've been using Eco Styler Krystal for the past couple of weeks which seems to elongate my curls and I use a leave in conditioner underneath this gel to get the best results.

    It would also help for you to determine your hair texture and porosity to get an idea of what products would work best for your hair. This might help you.
    3b. Normal porosity. Medium texture. Low elasticity.

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