I go to the haircutter, they manage to "accidentally" cut my hair down to a half-inch. EVERY TIME. I simply said this time, can you take off some weight without much loss in length. They said, sure, no problem. Halfway through, I realize they have no intention of doing that, but it's already too late. This time, I got so mad that I said just buzz the whole damn thing off. So now I'm sitting here with a buzz cut...

How can I prevent this next time?
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    I would try going to a new Salon. If they dont care about what you want done to your hair why do you keep going. Also you can try the trick of seemign curious and going before you cut my hair can you please walk me through what your going to do. That also helps because if they dont follow what they said you can then ask why and try and prevent a disaster. HTHS
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    In addition to what Cara said, I give my stylist a specific length that takes shrinkage into account. So 1 1/2 inches wet translates close to 3 inches when dry (for me). Things have been much better since I've started doing this!