BRHG and softness

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I have been using AOMM and BRHG, but once scrunched out it's too soft, almost like BRHG lost it's crunch and hold. It looks OK but second day hair is harder or non existent. So I tried with some conditioner left in - GF Triple Nutrition Cream Conditioner - and had the same results.

Anyone have similar experience?

I used BRHG once alone and it was TOO crunchy. Maybe I need to try less conditioner. I was using a little bit of AOMM maybe all I need is a pea size.

With another gel, say Curl Booster, BRHG is fine but then I am using less BRHG then.
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    I had the opposite problem - my hair wasn't soft enough when I used BRHG. Very interesting.
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