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Help me with my hair type please I'm currently growing out a relaxer I think I'm in the 3s but I'm not sure which one please help me:sad1: Picture032.jpg


  • AlannahAngelAlannahAngel Registered Users Posts: 529
    Um I would say about 3c maybe even 3b. I'm 3b but my hair type is looser :) I don't really care about the hair typing anyway I just try to work with my own hair I mean there can be so many different types on one head it just gets confusing, lol.
    Hope I helped xox
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    I'd say somewhere in between 3b and 3c.
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    your hair is GORGEOUS.....but i'd say a 3b-3c
    hope i helped=]
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  • kinky-girlkinky-girl Registered Users Posts: 34
    yeah, i agree with the others :)


    maybe a little 4a...
    Just taking things nice & slowly
    Growing my hair out until I just can't stand the two textures.

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  • SandiSandi Registered Users Posts: 364 Curl Neophyte
    If the ends are the relaxer washing out (at least that what happened to me), your hair is about 3c-ish.
    I wouldn't worry about the type too much though. The most important thing is to keep your hair healthy which = gorgeous :)
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