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I have an 11 month old daughter. Her hair was super straight as a baby and now it is very curly and growing out. My hair is curly, but I am a daughter is a 3c/4a. I've been putting coconut oil and moisturizing lotion on her (like my mom did to me when I was a child), but it's still very dry on the sides and back. Could some one please tell me what I can do to keep her hair looking moist all day? I know her hair could look so nice...with the proper care. What products can I use and where can I get them? Could someone please help me? :?


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    I think it is best if you keep the routine very simple. I would suggest conditioner washes or a gentle shampoo as needed, a good moisturizing conditioner, and a good leave in. Young children's hair tends to be much healthier than that of older kids and adults so if you take good care of it, I doubt you will need to do deep treatments, etc. on her hair until she is much older.

    Use a wide toothed comb to detangle her hair (make sure it has no seams). Try to do this only when it is wet and full of conditioner to avoid breakage.

    On a daily basis you could moisturize it and put it into as many or as few ponytails or pigtails as desired. This would keep the hair out of the way at this active age, and also help conserve moisture. If you keep it hydrated, you can also leave it out from time to time. Even if you do the latter, it is best to keep it braided at night to avoid tangles.

    Are you looking for drugstore products or would you be interested in salon or specialist products for curly hair?

    You would have a lot of luck posting this in the 3c and 4a forums also.

    There is also a useful thread in this forum about the routines parents are using for their curly toddlers:

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    Jeamaria, thank you so much for the tips. :D They are very helpful. I have been washing and combing with conditioner. Right now I'm using a Suave conditioner for kids.
    It is easier for me to get products from the drug store, but I'm not opposed to anything I can buy online. Any suggestions?
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    use water often
    3b-3c CG
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    I really like to use [buylink=]Elucence Moisture Balancing[/buylink] condish on my daugthers hair. It seems to work really well for her hair, and it stays pretty frizz free. I love it for my hair too, so I get the liter and we share it.

    I also try not to shampoo her hair too often, I just try to condition it maybe 2-3 times a week. When I do shampoo I use Cream of Nature Detangling Shampoo for regular hair. It doesn't seem to dry out her hair as much as regular shampoos, and I don't usually need to use conditiner after. The only thing I'd be careful with is that it will irritate your daughters eyes if it gets in them. My daughter is 3 and can keep her eyes closed.

    Anyway hope this helps, and good luck your daughters hair!
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    You're welcome, msarrow :) !

    A lot of people in the 3c and 4a forums use Rasta Locks Jamaican Mango & Lime Leave In Moisturizer, which can be found in drugstores, and beauty supply stores. However, the version that most people prefer, the clear, original formula is only available via their website, and you must specify "original formula" when you order it or you will end up with a thick creamy version worked for very few curlies. Here's the site:

    Dayzie's recommendations of Creme of Nature shampoo (available in drugstores) and [buylink=]Elucence Moisture Balancing conditioner[/buylink] (available online at Curlmart or at are both very popular across the range of curl types on this site.

    A lot of people with 3c/4a hair like your daughter have highly recommended Curl Junkie products (available online from Curlmart or I will be trying them out shortly myself.

    Hope that helps, and don't hesitate to ask if you have any further question!

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