Am I on the right track?

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Hey curlies!

Ok so I'm new here and I'm new to the no-poo thing. I made a committment to become a CG on Saturday (when I found this site & joined) and now I'm a bit overwhelmed and I need to know if I'm on the right track.

Since I'm on a tighter budget right now, I went and got Suave naturals coconut conditioner (I saw it was recommended in quite a few posts) and a VO5 conditioner. I plan to use these for my co-washes. I am currently using a shea butter leave in conditioner (by Cantu) after washing when I plop & scrunch my curls. My plan is to get/try [buylink=]Mixed Chicks leave in[/buylink] later.

Am I correct that I can also use one of my conditioners (Suave or V05) as a leave in as well? Do you mix the leave in with something else to get a better effect?

I have also read about homemade protien treatments on here too using egg, mayo, honey, yogurt, etc. Is this something to do before you shampoo? Then condition and put in leave in as usual? How often would you guys recommend doing a protein treatment?

One more, I've also read about washing your hair with bar soap to get rid of buildup vs. using a sulfate shampoo. This might be a dumb question but, are they referring to regular bar soap that you bathe with or is there a special bar soap for hair?

Ok, I think that's it for now....thanks in advance for all your help!!

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    hello! ok so for your conditoners, they are CG and I use suave naturals and love them! they work well and are a good price. you could use them as a leave-in some people might reccomend a thicker conditioner to co-wash for the moisture you need but I personally think using suave naturals as a leave in is a good choice! :thumbright: as far as your other questions go I am sorry but I am not sure hopefully someone else will answer for the both of us!
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