Haircuts - Deva-free options?

Wow! I called a local salon about a Deva cut and it cost $90! Even if I could afford the price, I don't think I could justify spending that much money on a haircut... ever! I am willing to spend $40-50 but oi... That's what I used to pay to cut and color my hair at a nice salon. I feel a little bad about the way I laughed on the phone when he told me that... but I just cannot justify the price at all.

Question: How many people go to a curly-specific cutter? Is there another option aside from a Deva-trained hairstylist? I'm currently trying to budget my money because I'm getting married.

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    Have you checked the CurlSalons section of this website? You can find people local to you and call for pricing info.

    I get wet cuts done, and my sylist does a point cut if that helps.
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    What I did, since I recently moved to a new town - I called every salon in the yellow pages and asked if they had a stylist who knew how to cut naturally curly hair. Some said "all of our stylists are well-trained" and I wrote those off as a "no." One I DID find said YES, we have someone on staff who's curly herself and knows how to deal with curls. And that's how I found my stylist (who's CG BTW! All her products are cone free and she does sulfate-free washes as well!). She since moved on to another salon but I just follow her. :) She charges $45 and I have never ever had a bad cut from this woman. She's a goddess. So they DO exist out there - you just have to be patient and do your homework!

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