$30 for flat iron/cut??? Seriously?

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Ok, I am so pissed off at myself this weekend.

co-washed and blow dryed my hair saturday morning in anticipation for a nice trim since I havent had one since my last relaxer (March '09).

I went to a new hairstylist my friend recommended. When I got there I asked for a trim and to blow dry my roots a little straighter. (i'ma be honest and say I did a horrible job blow drying my hair since this was the first time i've ever done it :-?, I usually just roller set my hair)

As soon as I sit in the chair the lady goes "Oh my, you need a relaxer!" After I tried to explain to her, to no avail that I am trying to grow my hair and really just want a good cut to get rid of some of these permed ends she recommends I get my hair flat ironed (another first for me) before she cuts it.

Okay okay, long story short she gave me a very nice trim about 1inch 1/2 off and the entire process took her about 20mins. Can you believe this lady had the nerve to charge me $30 bucks for 20mins of work???? I swear to you I came into that shop with a twenty dollar bill hoping to cover the cut, tip and buy lunch! None of the above happened.:angry3: She claims that she had to charge me extra for the "thickness, and curliness, i.e. nappiness" of my hair!


This is the most obsurd thing i've ever heard of, first of all my hair is unfortunately NO WHERE NEAR THICK in fact that's one of the reasons why i wanna go natural so at least my natural curls will give my hair a little bit of body to it. I have a ponytail holder that has about a 2inch circumference and I can literally tie it around my entire ponytail 3x comfortably and 4x if i'm going out and want the ponytail to be tight. So saying my hair is thick is so far from the truth.

2nd..... my hair wasn't nappy at all, it was already washed, combed and conditioned before she was working on it, if she had something other than a small fine tooth comb she would realize that.

I'm just so upset I spent so much money on something that'll literally last 2 or 3 days max. I haven't even bothered to excerise the last couple of days cuz I know once I do that it'll be a wrap! lol
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  • Nicky791Nicky791 Posts: 679Registered Users
    Ok, I actually just had a debate w/ my father last night. He swears that 30 bucks is a reasonable price for a cut and flat iron. Really?

    What do you guys think?

    I personally feel like it was a total rip off, I refuse to pay 30 bucks for a hairstyle that's only meant to last for a day.
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    Now I haven't been to a stylist in awhile, but that seems about normal for me. Twenty five to thirty seems about right to me (but I'm not an expert).
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    In my first three months of transitioning I was getting my hair flatironed at the salon once a week and I paid $25 each time to have my hair washed and flatironed. So I think on average it is around 25-30 dollars
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  • wowitsjazzwowitsjazz Posts: 2Registered Users
    Wow you only paid 30 dollars for your haircut???
    That's really resonable. I used to pay 60 for the same thing but in 1 1/2 or 2 hours!
  • onethousandcurlsonethousandcurls Posts: 1,118Registered Users
    Well...I agree with the OP. It's what I would expect considering everywhere charges that or more, but for the work that's actually been done...that's a rip off.

    And I don't think she had the right to tell you your hair was "nappy" (some people find this offensive, others not, and she shouldn't use it regardless) or whatever other excuses she gave for charging that much. She should have just said that's what the salon charges for that specific service.
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    Oh you came out good. My last relaxer was December 2008 and it was $75. I use to get my hair wash/ flat iron $35 every week or $45 every 2 weeks and this was the same if she did not wash. I trim is another $10 and more that 1/2 a inch is a cut another $20 on top of $45
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    I agree with everyone else. The price you paid was fair. I normally pay 80 dollars when I have to get my hair flat ironed and trimmed. Mind you they charge extra for having length. However, the style lasts in this Houston heat and humidty until I wash it.
  • Nicky791Nicky791 Posts: 679Registered Users
    thanks for the responses!

    I guess everyone is in agreement, huh?

    Idk, I just think for me personally it was a rip off.

    Considering if I got a wash, set, and blow it would have been $25. A "touch up" or "relaxer" with a wrap, blow, cut, and style would have been $45 bucks. But that was at my old hairdresser that've i've been going to for 10 years.....so maybe she spoiled me with her pricing. lol.....

    Lesson learned, Now I know for the next time! I might just invest in a flat iron and do it myself so all she has to do is cut it.

    Thanks again
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