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tinkerbelle77tinkerbelle77 Posts: 2Registered Users
I've recently started to flat iron my hair again (I use to do this about once a month or less because it was so damaging) because I really like how my hair feels and looks. My hair is naturally curly (3b/c) and very fizzy. It is also dry, coarse, and thick so I've never had greasy hair.
I want to straighten my hair more often, and am not sure of how long to leave it like that between washing it. Also, how often do you think I could straighten my hair without damaging it horribly.

P.S. I know I shouldn't be straightening my hair often anyways, but I leave it natural through most of the year anyways because it rains so much here (Oregon).

Your answers are very much appreciated! :)
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  • heathercurlzheathercurlz Posts: 3Registered Users
    When i straighten my hair..i usually leave it straight for 2 days...that is if i dont work out and sweat! otherwise ive went 4 days without washing it..but realized i needed to shower.

    Since I'm trying to grow out my hair..(but absolutely love it straight and addicted to flat ironing!).. i only straighten it about once or twice a month.Usually at the beginning of the month and end. But before straightening I ALWAYS check the weather first so I dont damage my hair for nothing.
  • tinkerbelle77tinkerbelle77 Posts: 2Registered Users
    Okay, thanks for your help!

    I totally understand about checking the weather, I've made the mistake of not checking it in the past.
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    When I straighten my hair I can usually leave it for 3 days but I have to wear it up on the 3rd day because it starts to get a little stringy.
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