HELP!! hair falling out!!!!

ammyyyammyyy Posts: 10Registered Users
ok so ive been CG for a month and i love it. But i just realized that a lot of my hair is falling out in and out of the shower. Maybe its done this before and im just noticing or maybe not using shampoo is having this effect. let me know if this has happened to you and what you did or if its normal


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    It's pretty normal. We lose about 100 hairs a day and it can get caught in our curls, so we don't notice it until detangling in the shower. Unless it's falling out in huge chunks, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    I too noticed that I'm loosing more hair since beginning the CG methods. My hair has lost some thickness over the past 6 months. I have heard that using too much conditioner can cause this... but that came from a friend who is not a professional and could be completely wrong!
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    I lose hair too if I do the conditioner scalp scrubbing. I can go four days or so then use a sulfate free poo and I'm fine but the minute I start that scrubbing my scalp with conditioner I lose hair.
    I think it's blocking up my pores. I have soft water so things are super hard to rinse out then I scrub it in? forget about it!
    I just work conditioner in my hair on days I don't poo and rinse out rather than scalp scrub.
    For me I think my skin is just real sensitive. I can't even use a washcloth on my face without blocking up pores and making my skin angry.

    I hope you figure it out soon and your hair stays put!
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    If you are not cleaning your scalp enough, it can cause hair loss (there's a technical thing for it, about it clogs the shaft or something).. but that doesn't mean it's happening because you aren't using shampoo, it may mean that your just aren't "Scrubbing" hard enough to move any product build up away.

    I don't know about using too much conditioner and hair loss, unless it's just because the hair gets coated so much - but that kind of goes back to above.

    Or.... a more simple answer may be that you've always lost this much hair but just never noticed it before.

    I'm not a pro, so take what i'm saying with a grain of salt and do what feels best for you. If your losing enough that it makes you nervous, maybe talking to a curly stylist can help - they can maybe look at your hair and see what's going on or if it's just normal hair loss.
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  • GRUGRU Posts: 32Registered Users
    From what I learned taking physiology (currently a pre-nursing student), I doubt that it's because you're not shampooing or because you're conditioning too much.

    Hormonal issues can cause hair loss. In fact, hair loss is one of the first ways I can tell when my thyroid dosage needs to be increased!

    Another thing to consider is if you're not brushing/combing your hair like you used to. The normal 100-ish hairs that are lost on a daily basis used to come out on your hairbrush and/or comb, or in your fingers when you finger-combed, etc. If you're no longer doing these things that mechanically remove the hairs that have naturally detached from the scalp, they get stuck in amongst the other remaining hairs.

    In a non-curlie, these hairs would be more likely to be shed throughout the course of the day -- they'd just fall off as she was walking down the street, taking off her jacket, etc. But for curlies, the poor little dead hairs are literally trapped until we free them... which doesn't happen until you shower the next morning.

    Imagine this -- take a section of hair and pull it away from the rest of your hair. Lay a length of thread on your head, then replace the section. If you walked around like that all day long, what are the odds that the thread would still be there when you went to bed that night? And how big would the clump in the shower drain be if it contained all 100 of the hairs that are typically shed in a day's time?

    If you're losing hair in big clumps with bald spots, or if you're finding lots of shed hair all around your house/work in addition to in your shower drain, then you might have some sort of a medical issue. But as long as you're not *breaking* your hair off (combing wet, etc.) and as long as you're not using any *harsh* products (which you shouldn't be, if you're doing the CG method!!!), there's no reason to think that CG is the reason for the hairs in the shower.
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    ammyyy, I know exactly what you are talking about. Since I have went CG - about a month - my hair is doing the exact same thing.

    It really worries me because just last year I lost a huge amount of hair due to an extremely stressful situation in my life. My hair had just started to recover from that.

    If anyone can chime in on some definitive reasons this maybe happening I would be really appreciative.
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    I freaked out when my hair started to do this too... I suppose it's normal, but you never really noticed it much before because it was caught up in the tangled mess of curls most of us probably had before going CG, and now that they're defined, we notice the normal loss of hair and flip out?

    GRU made a good point to.
    Getting back into CG after being a lazy bum for a few months, and I can't wait for my hair to be amazing again! <3 Any tips, helpfull hints, will be greatly apreciated!
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