Have You Tried CurlFriends (as seen on The View)

If you have tried any products from CurlFriends ( please tell me what your experience was. I am considering giving it a try because of the money back guarantee.)


BTW - I'm type 4a hair.


  • tinahtinah Posts: 1,195Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I just looked at the conditioners. There's a lot of protein and silicones in them. If you're trying the CG method - they wouldn't be good for it. If you're going to shampoo then it should remoe them.

    Personally based on the ingredients in the conditioner I owuldn't try them. But I'm not shampooing and don't want to use silicones.
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    I bought the trial set. I won't use the shampoo ~ gave that to someone else who uses sulfates. I used the conditioner ~ felt 'rubbery' during rinsing, not slimy like I want. I haven't used anything else yet.

    Have you searched on this board or on the Readers' Product Reviews board for reviews? On the 4's board? The CurlProducts or CurlMart tabs?
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,059 Administrator
    Nope...I will try that thanks!