Icky Travel Hair

Ugh I'm so done with my travel hair. I was having fantastic hair in Boston up until I moved out at the end of June. My hair wasn't doing so bad in Maryland during July either. I've spent the last week in northern California and it has just been horrendous.

I can't blame the location entirely since it could be the water, and more likely it is that I didn't want to travel with a lot of products so I only brought my JCHCC and FOTE. I miss my other products and I *really* miss cowashing. I've been doing mostly water washing with a couple low-poos while I've been here and it is not working for me. My scalp is flaking, my hair feels weird, and it isn't curling right.

I can't wait to get back to Maryland tomorrow and do a proper co-wash and use my products, haha. Unfortunately the day after I turn right around and move to Orlando, FL until the end of the year. I have absolutely no idea what I'm getting into down there!

3a/2c, medium texture, thick and dense, normal porosity/elasticity. Cone free since 5/1/09.

Low Poo: SheaM C&S
Condish: GFS&SZero or SheaM WCR
Stylers: UFDCM + LALSG