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Right now I'm in the search of a good styling product. When I wear my hair down I usually use the following products:

- Aussie 'Dual Personality Anti-Frizz Cream + Leave-In Conditioner' (used on a dayly basis)

Curling Products:

- TRESemmé Curl Care 'Curl Enhancing Mousse' along with with the TRESemmé Curl Care 'Curl & Scrunch Hair Spray'


-TRESemmé Curl Care 'Touchable Curls Shaping Milk'


- Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Mousse

However I've come along a problem, my mother claims all of this products (but the Aussie cream) make my hair look dull and un-healty, therefore prohibiting me to use them (I'm a teen by the way... so the last statment makes sense). She has fordiben my to buy any more styling products untill finding one that would not make my hair look dull. The bright side is that she has said that the price is not a problem as long as it makes my hair look shiny.

Any suggestions on products

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    Hello Kiera, welcome! I would love to try to help you. Product can have a lot to do with how healthy your hair looks. But also, curly hair simply does not reflect as much light as straight hair. Therefore, it will never be nearly as shiny. That said, shine can come from the health of your hair, the products you use, or hair color. I can address each one as best I can, but ask your mom to get you Curly Girl, by Lorraine Massey.

    Health: Don't brush your hair! Use a wide toothed comb once in a while if you must, otherwise comb with your fingers when you are in the shower and have conditioner in. Don't rub your hair with towels, scrunch out moisture with a microfiber towel. Use your hairdryer as little as possible (I diffuse for 5 min and then let it air dry). Also, getting enough sleep and having a good diet is essential. Make sure you eat enough protein and oils (like olive oil). Lastly, get a trim regularly, just snipping off a 1/4 inch will make the rest of your hair more bouncy!

    Products: First thing: If you must shampoo your hair, use one without sulphfates only 1-3 times a week. The other days, can can leave it or just use conditioner. You will also hear alot about silicones (anything ending in -cone) and proteins on this site. What these things do is coat your hair. Hair that is coated with gunk (that doesn't shampoo out) will not reflect light and won't be as curly (I think most of the products you are using have silicones and proteins). This will make a lot more sense if you buy the book. Also, don't use hairspray, the alcohol strips hair of moisture and makes it dull. Gels that have a colored tint to them will do the same.

    Color: Color is a big factor in shine. Blond reflects the least light and black reflects the most. The lighter your hair, the less light it will reflect. But if your hair is overprocessed, it won't reflect light no matter what. You may want to try a glaze, either at home or in a salon.

    Here are the products I recommend:

    Shampoo: J/A/S/O/N Thin to Thick Shampoo or DevaCurl LoPoo
    Conditioner: [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/DevaCurl-One-Condition-p-55.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=devacurl-devacurl-one-condition]DevaCurl One Condition[/buylink] or Nexxus Humectress
    Styling: Mixture of Graham Webb Making Waves Gel and [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Curly-Hair-Solutions-Curl-Keeper-p-28.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=curly-hair-solutions-curl-keeper]Curl Keeper[/buylink]

    But my biggest (non)secret for shine is this: I rise my hair with a mixture of 1 cup water and 1/4 cup baking soda once a week. Then, I comb coconut oil through and put it in a bun and sleep on it. The baking soda rinse will remove buildup without stripping hair and leave a clean surface for the coconut oil to really penetrate. In the morning, I just do my usual routine.

    Try these things for awhile, up to a couple of months maybe. Your hair needs time to adjust. Shine is a byproduct of hair health and your hair needs time to become more healthy. You are really lucky to have a mom who is willing to work with (and finance!) your hair. My mom had stick straight hair and so I never knew how to do it until I bought the book and found this sight.

    Best of luck, and ask anything you like!

    Fotki: curlymeg

    Nature's Gate Awapuhi Volumizing Conditioner
    Graham Webb Making Waves gel
    jojoba or coconut oil as a DT

    Hair is pretty great now that it's colder, now I'm focusing on my skin. Sniffle.
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    I use [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/DevaCurl-No-Poo-p-53.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=devacurl-devacurl-nopoo]devacurl nopoo[/buylink] once or twice a week. I use [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/DevaCurl-One-Condition-p-55.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=devacurl-devacurl-one-condition]devacurl one condition[/buylink] every day. I also scrub my scalp every day, run the conditioner through my hair very well, and let it sit for at least 5 minutes before I rinse it out.

    I don't use a leave-in at all. I put my hair up in the towel to dry it a bit, then I let it down and scrunch in angell. I either let it air dry or I use my diffuser then I spray on set it free and scrunch it/style it.

    I don't get perfect results every day, but generally speaking my hair is shinier and healthier feeling since I took out all of the other stuff I was using. I really like the ionizing hair dryer. It adds nice shine to my hair.

    Another thing is that I do my initial rinse with hot/warm water, wash and rinse with cooler warm water, and sometimes final rinse with cool water. I think the hot water helps with the cleaning and the cool water helps seal the cuticle and make things shinier.
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    about the baking soda rinse you say that doesnt strip your hair? I was just wondering because I used baking soda mixed with my shampoo(that was before I started CO) and it really stripped my hair bad the front was even sort of a different color. I was just wondering because since starting CO I sometimes feel like I just need something else I guess its a mental thing. I have colored hair so I definately dont want to use anything that strips
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    Hey Kiera! I have to do a vinigar wash to clear my hair off every once in a while. Try that followed by a oil treatment. (I just add some Burt Bee's baby oil to my conditioner and leave in for a couple hours)

    Keep experimenting! Not everything will work for everyone. It's all about figuring out your hair. I wish I had started as young as you!

    Good luck!
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    I was having that dull problem forever too, no shine.

    Tried things that were recommended on the board like honey.

    Then I ran into CK. Give it a try. It will make your hair more shiny.

    Also, if you are sensitive to proteins and using a lot of stuff in your hair that has proteins, I believe this could cause a lack of shine, along with a host of other problems.
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    Certified PJ because I am still looking for something that works!!!!!
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