Hair Loss while Transitioning

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I was wondering if anyone else is having issues with their permed hair shedding. I have been keeping my hair moisturized but my permed hair has been comming out. I tie my hair up at night and moisturize twice daily. Should I be worried?


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    You could be dealing with the natural shedding hair goes through or it could be breakage believe it or not. Or it could be a combination of both. It depends on what you are doing with your hair and the state of your hair in general.

    There is the, "line of demarcation"..the area where the new growth meets relaxed hair. That is the weakest portion of the hair and it often breaks when it is manipulated (combed, brushed, even finger combed). This is why most hair dressers that administer relaxers always tell the client not to forget to get their touch ups regularly. Because when the curly/kinky hair meet the relaxed hair..that can be big trouble. When you take a comb or brush through it or scrub it while washing..that part in the middle gets damaged which leads to terrible breakage sometimes.

    It is something you do need to keep an eye on. I wouldn't say worry yourself to death about it because I assume once your hair grows out some you will be cutting off the relaxed part anyway. But continue to keep your hair moisturized, make sure you are handling your hair EXTREMELY carefully when you wash, comb, brush, or finger comb your hair. Be as gentle with it as possible and try hard not to manipulate it for to long or to vigoriously.

    It's great that you tie your hair up at night.. definitely keep that up. If you aren't doing protective styles..then perhaps you may want to think about some such as twists, braids, twist outs, wet sets, rod sets, etc. A lot of transitioners report good results with these styles because the curly hair is basically blending with the relaxed hair in a curly pattern which is more similiar to the natural curl or kink of the hair. Plus with a rod set or twist out you aren't ripping a comb or brush through it which considerably cuts down on breakage.

    Now, if you are still trying to wear your hair straight.. definitely pay attention to what you are doing when you style it. A lot of transitioners that continue to try to manipulate their hair to be completely straight while in the transition period do often report breakage. Often trying to make the natural hair straight with heat can cause heat damage and the curl pattern can end up ruined when it grows out. So keep the heat low and to a minimum if you just must use it.

    Keep in mind, you can't treat natural curly/kinky hair like you treat completely relaxed hair. You also can't can treat transition hair just like you treated your relaxed hair or you will experience issues..especially with breakage which starts out with a whole bunch of shedding.

    Natural and relaxed textures and are not always easy to maintain on the same head for a bevy of people. It often gets very frustrating and many transitioners just do the Big Chop sooner than they anticipated. Having said that, it can be done but it's a very tedious process that you MUST be careful with if you aren't going to do protect styles regularly. Frankly, they (the two different textures) both shouldn't be on the head together at all in excess (unless it is just the natural state of one's hair) hence why that part where they meet are fighting against eachother. People often think well they should just straighten it all until it grow out. Well that can pose a problem too. The natural hair is not used to be straight and will resist..which means people usually apply more heat and over time can lead to heat damage and weak natural hair. And well I don't think I need to tell you what to much heat does on chemically treated hair..your relaxed hair will be a hot mess. Dry, brittle, and breaking like peanut brittle.

    But IT IS possible to transition with minimal breakage. Shedding will happen anyway because it normal but not in excess to where every single time you comb or brush your hair tons of hair is falling out everywhere. That's not natural shedding..that is breakage plain and simple.

    And when you say "moisturized"... what exactly do you mean ? And why do you do it 2x's a day ? Are you using any sort of product in your hair that is commonly used for relaxed hair ? Often those products contain mineral oil, petrolum, and silicones. ALL which DO NOT moisturize. They are marketed as if they do.. but scientifically THEY DO NOT. They actually lock out moisture. And you have to keep replying them in order for the hair to "appear" moisturized...basically the hair is just coated with a layer of grease so to the eye it looks hydrated cause what you are seeing is a gloss, sheen, or shine. Once it's washed out in actuality the hair is dry as a darn wood chip and it can lead to breakage once again ESPECIALLY on that line of demarcation for transitioners. This is why you have to keep re-applying some sort of "grease" to keep the cycle going so the hair won't "appear" dry.

    But, If you have already stopped with all the mineral oils, silicones, and petrolum products lately, the relaxed hair could be responding to the fact that they don't have their usual "coat" on. And if those hairs don't have their usual coat on..the comb may not slip through as easily which can also lead to breakage. Another reason to be really careful and try to get into some protective styling if you haven't already.

    So if you use any products with mineral oil, petrolum, silicones..or even gels and hairspray with alcohol.. I would suggest stopping. And consider moving on to more natural oils like olive, coconut, tea trea, sweet almond, or jojoba. You could also try real shea butter.

    Shea Butter is incredible. I have to toot that horn. It's like a natural healer. But you have to get the REAL shea butter. Not the fake stuff sold in the drugstore or Walmart. Either go to a Whole Food Store, a vendor that sells real shea butter, or check out or . You can also just do a search online for raw shea butter to find price ranges. You can actually get it on for as low as $4.95.

    There is also a such thing as shea butter oil if you don't feel like dealing with real raw shea butter.

    Anyway, I hope some of this information is helpful to you and that your hair grows healthy and strong!
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    Great Post Marah!
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    Hello, I'm 6 mths into my transition, and I've had shedding too. Make sure you know the difference between shedding and breakage. Plus expect it to shed a little I collect shedded hairs after every wash to monitor how much shedding I have. Each time it's the same, so I know that my hair is shedding it's natural shed. Your hair is suppose to shed 1000 hairs a day, so it's normal to have some shedding.
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    If your are having breakage or excessive shedding during your transition try a protein dc. I transitioned for 1.5 years with no breakage because I consistently and regularly did a egg, yogurt, and oil dc every other week. It made my hair strong, reduced shedding, and there was no breakage.

    The strength of protein you need will depend on your hair. Protein strengthens hair especially at the demarcation line and will stop or minimize breakage.

    You should always follow your protein dc with a moisturizing dc to maintain protein/moisture balance.
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    I have been having the same problem. When i would rub the ends of my hair, clumps of hair would come off. I cut about and 1 1/2 inch off and it seemed to minimized that. Plus, I started to where styles with minimal manipulation like buns.
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    Great post Marah!

    I have been transitioning for 2 months, but I do have shedding not breakage. Even when washing I get sheds of hair. I try not to freak out about it, because I use to, but back in the day when I would get a perm, and comb my hair dry without anything on it, I would shed profusely. And that scared me. So since I begun transitioning I shed a little bit, but not much, because I only comb my hair when its really wet and I comb from the bottom up (I learned the hard way) holding the relaxed ends and gently comb through each section going up, without the tangles. Its great method (I don't know why I never did it before). I also finger comb, but not too much. I use oils and water on my hair fo.r moisture everyday. I plan on going to Whole Foods to get more natural products to continue my transition. But don't get scared, you are suppose to shed 50 to 100 hairs a day (and I didn't know that). All hair sheds, unless your using something that is damaging your hair. So I plan on selling my mineral oils and petroleum products (no good). But I wish you good luck on your journey and also YouTube have videos as well...check it out and more forums.