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Hi there! I started a hair blog to chronicle caring for and styling my twin girls' 3B and 4A hair. I'm having a great time writing the blog and caring for curls. I've learned a ton about my own curls too. The blog is Happy Girl Hair


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    Thank you so much for posting about your blog. I love your blog and it is so informative. I already got some great ideas for my little girls hair.

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    I'm so glad you are enjoying the blog, Michelle. I love it when moms read and join the conversation with their own tips, questions, experiences, and successes.
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    I sent PM but not sure you got it or even check. At any rate, I'm wondering how you and I may work together. My blog is about raising biracial girls. Maybe we can swap a blog roll or something.
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    what a great idea!!! My daughter has 2c/3a curls and eventually I want to wean her away from the bows and ponytails.