Castor Oil...How do you use it?

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I recently bought a bottle of 100% pure castor oil. I heard that it strengthens your hair and stimulates hair growth. This oil is very thick and heavy but i didn't think it would be a problem since I use shea butter and that can be quite thick and heavy.

For the past two nights I have tried applying castor oil directly on my hair, using it as a scalp massage, and adding it to my olive oil and water mist bottle. Unfortunately every morning after its use I wake up to hard tangled undefined curly hair.

I am wondering if anyone knows what castor oil does specifically? I wouldn't want this bottle to go to waste, so is there anyway I can use it to have better results?


  • NatakueNatakue Registered Users Posts: 319
    i don't think it's supposed to define your curls. you have to use it sparingly because it is verrrry thick. a lot of people use it just on their ends on wet hair to seal in the moisture. and others, me included, use it in their pre-poo's and deep treatments, often with heat. it's supposed to help thicken the hair and promote hair growth (when massaged onto the scalp...particularly the edges of your hairline). i don't use it consistently enough to tell, but my hair does feel soft after my treatments. hth!
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    o/s; thin; thready/cottony?
  • NORE1228NORE1228 Registered Users Posts: 42
    Thanx Natakue your posting helped a lot. I used castor oil as a pre-poo treatment with some VO5 conditioner and my hair came out extremely soft and moisturized!

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