I want an afro, but...

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I've been wearing my type 3 a/b hair in a pixie cut for a while and am planning on growing it out. Growing out short hair is always awkward, but I'm thinking maybe I could make the transition from pixie to long bob with an afro. I've always loved, loved, loved afros. But I have two problems or questions or whatever.

First, given that I'm white, albeit in an Italian-and-Jewish-not-all-that-white-white sort of way, I'm afraid I'll be guilty of ethnic misappropriation, like white suburbanite kids who dred their straight blond hair or something. Would this kind of hairstyle be cool? Or just make me look like a crazy white lady? Please be honest!

Second, does anyone have advice on exactly how to get my hair to do this? My hair's thick and relatively coarse, but I'm certain it's not curly enough. Is a perm in my future?

Thanks so much for your input!


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    I think you will get people who think its weird that you're "white" and rocking an afro but if you feel comfy doing it I see no reason to stop yourself. As long as you can make it work in your professional and personal life while still being confident, I see no real problems. i have no idea how to make your hair bigger. But maybe combing it during the drying process will help it frizz up. good luck.
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    You might have a hard time getting 3a/b hair to fro since your hair WANTS to go down and out instead of up and out but I say go for it. Backcombing while dry/damp might help along with a strong hold hairspray to keep it from flopping back down.

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    I don't think 3a/b hair that has been in a pixie cut will likely look like an afro at all no matter what you do with it, since your hair will grow down and not, as has been said, up and out, which is the trademark of an afro. You could try a really tight perm but that will likely look fake and if you want to grow your hair out, it will cause damage and be hard to maintain and show straighter roots as it grows out. I'm not sure why you wouldn't want a cut that suits your hairtype better, like a curly bob.

    I doubt anyone would recognize your hair as an afro. Without a perm, it sounds like it will just look like in-between length hair attempting to look big, and with a perm it will look like granny hair.
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