Going To Egypt~Products For Curls??

any suggestions? ;)
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    Are you looking for ideas to take with you or buy there?

    My ex is Egyptian (I've never been as my son could not travel via air as a baby due to heart defects and then we got divorced..still want to go though!). I don't know what products are available there but they tend to be typical European ones. I think in Maadi (sp?) you might find some American products if you need them.

    I'd bring what I needed with though so you are covered.
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    I bet you could do a google search and find out the humidity and dew point of whatever area you're going to be in, and plan accordingly. I'm assuming Egypt is pretty dry, but I could be wrong....
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    If you run out of what you brought with you, there are sure to be CG-friendly products available at supermarkets and pharmacies. Here just a skip and a jump away in Saudi Arabia, I have found Johnson's Baby Conditioner, Nivea Velvet Touch Conditioner, and Nivea Diamond Shine Conditioner that are all 'cone free. For styling products, the L'oreal Studio Line Wave Spray and Curl Mousse (the imported UK version) have no 'cones either. For anything else that looks promising, just check the ingredients on the back. :tweety:
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