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Okay, first my hair. Check out this link...

Now, not only does my hair look EXACTLY like this guy, but so do I. No joke. I don't think he's the most handsome fellow, so you know, and I obviously don't like his hair...because it's MY HAIR!

So, let's get down to the questions.
1) Am i a 3a?
2) There's no WAY i am going short again, i just don't have the face for it (baby face as you can see)...
3) I want to grow my hair out, this type of hair, and have it well, not so curly. More straight. I don't mind a little curl (like that moron Constantine from American Idol, weird don't know why HE popped in my head)....
Where do I begin?
4) Has anyone used Joe's Grooming products?
5) I'm not great at using the ol' straightener. I tend to burn myself on the neck. Can anyone recommend some good product to throw in my hair? And please, NO Herbal Essence, money isn't a big deal. I mean I don't have money but I would sale my car at this point to get something to where I never have to have this sitting on top of my head again, I want straight!
6) maybe along the lines of one, JACK WHITE. the rocker. Check him out. Can I get there?

Thanks everyone!:wave:

and btw, this is my first post, that is not my aol and i did not join in 2003! WEIRD! whats up with that naturallycurly?


  • HarajukuHarajuku Posts: 17Registered Users
    well, when it grows out it should gain some weight, and really pull the curl down. and, i've heard of a few straightening creams out there, just google mens srtaightening cream

    here is something if you really dont want the curl, but you'll need to be careful with your hair, keep it healthy

    truly, i dig your hair. but, do with it what you want.
    I am of Native American,French,White,and African-American descent.3a&3b.There is a LOT. Coarse. About 5 inches long at the moment.(Colorado is sunny,dry, and windy-yeah.:help:)
    My hair has a very low porosity...I appear to have what many call a Jewfro.
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    My goal...
    The gist of it. A 13 year old on a mission.
    Peace, Love and Harmony

  • LollipopLollipop Posts: 67Registered Users
    well, I really don't know anything that pulls out the curl. Some people say [buylink=]kinky curly curling custard[/buylink] gets rid of a lot of bulk and stretches out the curl, and some say the opposite. But seriously, if what you said is true about looking like that guy, start a thread in the general forum titled "My Hair and I Look Like Adrian Grenier W/Pics!!!" and watch how many girls drool :laughing6:. It will be a major confidence boost:walk:. A few compliments made me go from trying to straighten my hair to looking for ways to make it bigger and curlier:blob2:!
  • emthefantasticalemthefantastical Posts: 963Registered Users Curl Novice
    you AND your hair looks like Adrien Grenier?!? and you HATE your hair?
    oh honey, i'm sure there are many single curly ladies on this forum that would love you and your hair.
    if i were you i would own your curls. i'd try the co-washing thing and see how it works. i know this is a female-heavy forum but seriously go check out some of the newbie info. if i could put adrian grenier's head of hair on every single guy in the country you can bet that it would be done.
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    If your hair looks like that its gorgeous! My boyfriend has almost the same hair type but he also doesnt like how it curls up, so he wears a beanie over his hair after he showers. I think if you get the right hair cut, and the right styling product ladies everywhere would love your hair. By hair cut, im imagining short, but longer on top, and maybe a texturizing paste so it looks nice and messy. Girls love guys with unique hair! But if you insist on straight, get a good flatiron and serum to keep it from frizzing.

    Good luck!
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    I'm full Chinese and I never knew how to control my unruly hair until now! I <3 this website oh so very much.

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