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How do you use honey? My hair doesn't seem to respond to honey but maybe I am using it wrong. Honey seems to make my hair crunchy in some spots and frizzy in the other.
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    Yeah, I'm wondering about honey myself. I was just reading an extensive thread in the 3b forum, and they're all addicted. I'm really curious of whether honey can work as well for wavies as it seems to for curlies. I'd really love to cut back on my product use if possible, and I've been trying to find a product/technique that will reduce the crunch factor. Have any of you wavies tried honey, and has it worked for any of you? I wouldn't mind getting some input before doing some experimenting.

    PS: http://naturallycurly2.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=54437 Here's the link to the thread in 3b. There have been multiple posts in there about how they use honey, if anyone wants to plagiarize.
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    luvme - how are you using the honey? You shouldn't be getting crunchy if you rinse it out thoroughly after you've co'd with it or something, and I would advise trying that instead of using it as a styler(?).
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    I have lightly rinsing it. I was told by a curly friend of mine (she is about 3B) not to completely rinse. She said to apply, wait a minute or two to let in sink in, then lightly rinse. Maybe that is the problem.
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    I am a wavey, an completely addicted to honey. I use it by mixing it 50/50 with my conditoner as apart of my daily routine. The thing i love so much about it though, is that the honey i use is part chrystalized (cause i hhavent used it in a while) and the crystals help me scrub my scalp to make it clean. Another thing i love about honey is that it not only cuts down on frizz for me, but it also gives me a bit of hold so i dont need to use alot of gel.



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    I do exactly what Leah (unique1193), I mix it 50/50 with my conditioner, and I'm loving how it helps my hair :D Less frizz, more definition, more shine...

    I don't rinse it at all most of the time, but my hair is never sticky or crunchy from it. I think the key may be the conditioner and the wet hair? I did try a honey/aloe gel on dry hair once and that was just a disgusting sticky mess!
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    Thanks for your help. I tried the 50/50 mix and it did lessen the frizz a bit (and really made my hair soft). I still need to play with it more but thanks for the tips. :D
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    Just this morning, I tried rinsing my hair with a mix of honey and water in the shower, and rinsing it out. I also mixed a couple of drops of honey in with my gel, and it seems to be working really nicely. My hair is nice and soft - no crunch at all - and shiny too :D I hope it works this well long term! *crosses fingers*
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