Anyone Use Just Drugstore Products?

anyone have great results from just drugstore products that that's all you use? i have a friend with 3A curls that said she can just use whatevers on sale and CG friendly from the store!!
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  • pjsmommy12pjsmommy12 Posts: 206Registered Users
    Does Sally's count? Everything I use is from there and I love them all.

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    co-wash/rinse out: assorted V05 "flavors"
    leave-in/dt: gvp cb
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  • onethousandcurlsonethousandcurls Posts: 1,118Registered Users
    No. But I am extremely envious of this friend.
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  • IzzyTheTerribleIzzyTheTerrible Posts: 194Registered Users
    Yep! While I do confess that I have some of the Sally's Matrix Conditioning balm, I don't really use it anymore because all I really seem to need is my Suave!

    (I would have died laughing if anyone had ever told me to use Suave in the past). I use the Tropical Coconut as well as the Level 8 Gel, love both! $.98 for the conditioner at Walmart, $1.97 for the Gel. Tee-Hee!
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    Low-Poo: Daisy Fuentes

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  • IzzyTheTerribleIzzyTheTerrible Posts: 194Registered Users
    Oh, and I did pick up Daisy Fuentes from Walgreens to try as a low poo once in a while. But... again, drugstore.
    2a-2b/fine/LOTS of it/Florida Dews
    CG as of 7/29.

    Co-Wash: Suave Tropical Coconut
    RO-Condish: Suave Tropical Coconut / Matrix Conditioning Balm
    Low-Poo: Daisy Fuentes

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    This is my first time actually posting on this board, although I've been an avid lurker since May. The only things I have right now that did not come from the drugstore are [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] (still trying to decide if I like it) and GVP conditioning balm from Sally's. I use Suave coconut for co-wash, either GVP or Lustrasilk Shea Mango for rinse out. I haven't had much luck with leave-ins. For stylers I use FX curl booster fixative gel, got2be spiked up, or Giovanni LA Looks, sometimes BRHG.
    By the way, I'm a wavy with lots and lots of medium hair. When I did the porosity test, one hair floated and the other sank, so I'm going to say that I have medium porosity too.
    I can't believe I finally actually wrote something!
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    Welcome, Mamakathy! Just wanted to let you know that the porosity test with the floating strand is really unreliable. Use this to better determine where your hair fits:

    /home/leaving?" class="Popup
    3b/c, CG 9/18/08
    Last process: 04/05/08 Big Chop: 08/08/09
    Currently: Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, Herbal Essences Set Me Up gel (summer only), Boots Curl Creme (winter only)
  • mamakathymamakathy Posts: 24Registered Users
    Thanks onethousandcurls! I had read that before but couldn't remember where it was! I think I'm probably medium porosity, because I never feel any bumps when I rub my hair backwards, but it's not really slick. I've had my hair highlighted once about 15 years ago, so I don't really know how it handles being processed. To OP, sorry to guano...just wanted to say thanks!
  • CrystalRainCrystalRain Posts: 170Registered Users
    I have to. Being in high school for a couple of years yet, my parents won't let me order anything special online, and not much is available in Canada... they like CG because that way I use the fewest products. I used to go from brand to brand trying to figure out why my hair still looked awful!
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    Gel | HESMU

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  • crazycurlz427crazycurlz427 Posts: 46Registered Users
    I use tressemme (i think thats how you spell it!) and herbal essences totally twisted curl scrunching gel and my hair is fine, but i havent really tried a whole bunch of other products to see if what i use is the best, but it works out fine for me
  • oddityofwingsoddityofwings Posts: 1,261Registered Users
    I don't in general, namely because so few drugstore brands at UK drugstores/pharmacies/chemists are CG. But if I absolutely had to, I could get away with just using my co-wash as a rinse-out (which I can get at a drugstore), and Boots Purple, which is of course available at Boots chemists. So I could. But I don't. ;-)
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    No, my hair is snobby.
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  • MintMint Posts: 1,143Registered Users
    I do! Though, I'm modified CG.

    I have an oily scalp, so each time I wash I use Organix shampoo or Selsun Blue Moisturizing Shampoo (when my scalp is acting up). I often coat my hair with a cheapie CG (or close to CG) conditioner when shampooing the scalp with so everything rinses out with minimal damage.

    As for conditioners, I am a big fan of Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness Conditioner (it detangles well and makes my hair feel soft like butter). Also, I like Alberto VO5 Tea Therapy in Blackberry Sage as a light, CG conditioner. Dove Intense Therapy Conditioner is also excellent, but I noticed that they changed the formula recently (dimethiconol to dimethicone I believe?). I only have an old bottle so I can't speak for the new formula yet.

    I love Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Split-End Protector as a leave-in (3 squirts of product on damp hair and I am left with enhanced shine and reduced frizz).

    My ultimate HG gel is Herbal Essences Body Envy Gel. It adds shine, enhances curl, defrizzes, provides a great hold and smells amazing!! I will love it forever (unless my hair changes...).

    I recently bought a Sally's product that seemed like it would make a good DT for me (Ion Color Solutions Color Defense Instant Moisture Daily Hydrating Conditioner). Though, I never touched my hair with color/perms. So we'll see how that goes. By the way, the condish is almost CG (contains amodimethicone).
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  • britney.britney. Posts: 292Registered Users
    You can find a good amount of nice CG friendly drugstore products. I use a few drugstore hair products.
    2c/3a some 3b/Thick/Fine texture?/High Porosity
    Currently trying out the CG method again as of 1/3/12!

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    Co-wash/RO: Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle
    Low poo: Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat (when needed)
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