temporary color for grays?

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I was wondering about this and hopefully someone can help... I never color my hair myself. I always go to a salon for blonde highlights. I have some gray hair which is actually white, almost transparent, that is coming through (more and more each month) I wouldn't mind because they are like highlights and add an extra dimension to my haircolor. The problem is that they make my hair look really thin in these areas because the hair is almost invisible, especially near the roots. Is there a super safe way of just putting a very mild rinse through my hair to at least make the grays a light blonde color so they are more visible so I don't look like I am missing hair in these areas? My hair is thin to begin with so I can't afford to have my hair look any thinner than it already is. I hope I explained this right. I don't want to destroy my highlights or cause any damage to my hair. I wouldn't mind using something that washes out quickly either. My hairdresser never wants to recommend anything I can do in between my color to coat these white hairs. She says that it will give me uneven color on my strands, almost like striping???. I can't afford to see anyone else in between my highlights. I'm totally on the CG plan since the end of June so I don't want to undo anything on that end either. Thanks in advance for any help!
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    HappyInHoops, I know this is a little after the fact but I am currently experimenting with Wella Shaders and Toners, also called Viva on the new package here in SA. It comes in a flat sachet. It is a wash-in wash-out but leave it on for as long as you can, read a book in the bathtub...

    I have tried the very pale, Light Golden Blonde, but it did not show up enough to cover "our" problem area.
    I find that the Golden Sand is ok...well, unfortunately the darker shades defeat the purpose of the highlights, but I am seriously considering going darker on top and underneath and only leave some of the highlighted curls.
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    :oops: oops

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