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I also posted this on the General Discussion board, but thought my fellow wavies might be able to help:

I'm terrified of going to a hair salon, so I keep it simple and get my hair cut at Supercuts or Great Clips. I've spent too much $ on haircuts that I hate and stylists who ignore what I want. Now I just get it cut all one length, with a bit of graduation from the front (a couple of inches past my shoulders) to the back (a couple of inches longer than the front). Changing from all one length all the way around to this type of graduation was a big step for me (it's blended very nicely, so it doesn't look at all mullet-ish!).

Next I'd like to try some long layers. My hair is medium-texured and thick (hair stylists always remark that I've got a lot of hair and they see lots of heads of hair, so I'll have to take their word for it!). It's quite wavy, with some 3A parts.

I'm looking for additional curl enhancement and definition. Right now my hair just sort of lays flat. I've tried layers in the past and I've got two concerns -- that they will look like tiers and that I'll end up with pyramid head (both have happened to me before w/ layers).

After all that expository information, here's my (dumb) question: Does cutting layers essentially mean cutting tiers? In other words, I understand that parts of the hair are cut shorter than others, but can layers be sort of "random" instead of, like tier A is one length all around the head, then tier B is another length, and tier C is the longest? And if this randomness is achievable, is this what the Devachan method is like? Will it work on wavy hair, or is it only appropriate for tighter curls?



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    First of all, I think you are going to have to cowboy up and ask someone with wavey hair (that you like) WHERE they get it cut. I vaguely knew a girl with 3B curls that had really great hair and asked her where she went, but you might just have to ask a stranger at the mall if you don't know anyone.

    My layers are cut in peices and at angles, like you would cut the ribbon on packages? Diagonally. I do NOT have tiers AT ALL! You can see in my link below... I need that in my thick waves or my hair is HUGE. LOL! I am due for a trim tomorrow - yea!

    #1 though is find that hair dresser - no matter what!

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