Cute Bohemian skirt and Top! FREE SHIPPING

I was a little too 'well endowed' for the top and apparently, my loss will be someone elses gain. This was purchased via an auction on Ebay and is a new garment worn only to try on. I hate to let this go... $30.00

pic below:

This is the description from the seller which I purchased this from on Ebay...(which is accurate)

For the shirt I started with a sweet cotton print covered in rose and creme butterflies. The bodice is gathered at the bust to support and show off your curves, not squish them. smile.gif It is cut lower under the arms and in the back for a very flattering look and added comfort. For the bottom of the shirt I used a natural muslin that matches perfectly with the butterfly print.

Then for the skirt I used 6 A-line panels of the same beautiful fabrics. Then, to make this lil skirt more special, I added a fully lined 7.5x9" pocket. The bottom spin on this sweetie is a nice 92"!!!

Each item is quality sewn by me. All seams are surged and straight stitched for durability. This shirt is fully adjustable thanks to the straps that go over your shoulders and through 2 sets (4 total) loops in the back. The minimum. bust is 34" (this is NOT your bra size but would convert to 32B or so on) and will comfortably accommodate up to 40". The drawstring is made of a satiny woven material that will not fray or catch on the inside of the skirt. All drawstring openings have metal grommets for added strength. The max. waist (and hip as it must slide over your hips) is 48" and will cinch down much smaller. The length is 32.5".
Here lies Jan Smith, wife of Thomas Smith, marble cutter. This monument was erected by her husband as a tribute to her memory and a specimen of his work. Monuments of this same style are two hundred and fifty dollars.
-Gravestone Inscription

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