Thinking about getting a texturizer

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What do you ladies think? I have 3C type hair and I will be leaving for Marine boot camp soon and how much time i have to spend on my hair to make it look good is 2-3 hrs per day. I know i won't have anywhere near that much time in Boot camp for the 3 months I am there. I was thinking or getting a texturizer so my hair can be easier to manage for the few minutes ill have on my hair what do you ladies think?


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    Texturizing can give excellent results ( very nice curls with very little effort - just scrunching some hair cream in the morning).
    Make sure the product being used for texturizing is a good quality one. If the stylist is mixing up some solution in a different room and not showing you in front of you what exactly he/she is using - go get your hair done somewhere else.
    A stylist who uses good quality products will have no problem answering your questions about the products they use and showing you the products in their original pakage.

    Low quality cheap texturizing creams which many salons use in order to save money can leave one with hair falling out.
    Another thing you should check is whether your stylist works with a clock. Time is very important and leaving the cream or the liquid on the hair for as little as 5 minutes longer than it should be left on can also cause hair to fallout.

    If you decide to get the texturizer research well before chosing where to have it done.
    It's not something you want to rush into , because having it done at the wrong place can cause serious damage.

    On the other hand having it done well will give beautiful results which will last for about 5 to 7 months.

    Good luck :)

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