My First Curly Girl Complement

I think I've just experienced a Curly Girl Complement -- a co-worker who sat behind me during a presentation just asked me if I have hair extensions !!

I have recently discovered several wonderful 3A/B hair treatments in CurlTalk and I've been practicing a deeper level of true curly hair care for about two weeks! I am amazed at the difference in the curl definition.

I suppose my curls look so different -- much better these days -- that the co-worker thought they were fake! Thanks -- I'll take that as a compliment !


  • IamDonnaIamDonna Posts: 546Registered Users
    It sure makes you feel good doesn't it!!
    I'm sure many more comps will follow.
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  • mandirose1mandirose1 Posts: 69Registered Users
    Someone asked me this morning if I permed my hair. While some perms are scary, I suppose, I'm still taking this as a compliment! My curls must have been rockin'!
  • ellageorginaellageorgina Posts: 1,511Registered Users
    Wow, congrats! I bet you feel great! :)
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  • pjsmommy12pjsmommy12 Posts: 206Registered Users
    Yeah for you! Let's you now that CG is worth it! My curls have just gotten better and better. Kepp it up and the compliments will keep on coming!:happy2:

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  • bettinflabettinfla Posts: 389Registered Users
    I volunteer at the hospital every Friday and again someone said, "Don't tell me that's natural." I said, ok, I won't tell you. She said, that's unbelievable so I suppose that's a compliment.
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  • crazycurlz427crazycurlz427 Posts: 46Registered Users
    i hate it when people touch your hair and complement it and you say "thank you" but inside you wonder why they are touching it because it makes it FRIZZY!!! ugg i dont like strangers frizzing my hair :sad10: