Dr BRonners Castille Soap--Dilute?! (fixed typo!)

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So...I picked up some Dr Bonner's Castille soap at Whole Foods & while there is a lot of text on the label, instructions for use are a bit skimpy. It says to dilute 2 tsp in 2 gallons of water.

Well, I'm not doing that every time I need soap. Can I dilute it and keep that mixture in a separate bottle to use as needed? Will it go bad if I do that? Or do I use it undiluted?

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    I've used Dr. Bronner's for many years, but I'm no expert.

    I think the dilution recommendations are general and a practical safeguard for those with super-sensitive skin. Or those who might get soap in their eyes.

    The 2 tsp in 2 gallons of water sounds like a soak for clothing, or for housecleaning. Or even a gentle face wash.

    I always dilute if I'm using it to wash my face, but I don't use exact proportions...I just add a small squeeze to the palm of my hand, then add water that way and lather up.

    If you're using it to wash your hands/ body, I don't believe you really need to dilute beforehand, as you'll be wahing it off. Unless your skin is sensitive and/ or the EO is irritating you.

    Honestly, you may just have to play around with it. I really like the liquid soap.

    ETA: The soap won't go bad if you dilute and keep it in a seperate container.
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    I finally got my act together & checked out the website, which was helpful. I think I'll try diluting it half soap, half distilled water first & see. My skin freaks out a lot.
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    Actually, the directions on the bottle say to dilute, but I don't know what that's for b/c it say for bathing wet skin first, but use full strength.
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