Hmm any suggestions?

alicepettittalicepettitt Registered Users Posts: 3
Im new with this so please bare with me, and if I have posted this ina the completely wrong place Im sorry!
I was just wondering if anybody had any suggestions for me. You see Im a student in the United Kingdom and cycle to school. I have curly hair and wash it in the morning to let it air dry. The problem is how do I stop my hair from going so frizzy, as it is air dries whilst I cycle to school. By the time I reach school my hair is frizzy and puffy and I just end up putting my hair up. Any suggestions??? All will be welcomed! Thankx ALice xx


  • spanish_curlsspanish_curls Registered Users Posts: 14
    Ali*Honey* - first off welcome to the board!.
    You will get a much better response if you post this on the main forum "general hair discussion"..

    For london humidity - i found Ouidad's Climate Control works wonders.
    Also they have very hard water - you might want to consider a shampoo that will help you with that - so that your hair does not get so dry as a result....

    hth icon_smile.gif
  • alicepettittalicepettitt Registered Users Posts: 3
    hi fanx for the advice icon_smile.gif ill try anything once so I hope it works!

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