HELP--Shorter cut tips for post-preggers, thin 3A?

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Hi everyone. This is my first time posting, although I've been a sporadic lurker for years.

I need help! Like many of us CGs, I've avoided salons like the plague for most of my life, letting my hair grow down my back and just trimming it myself when I saw the split ends starting. It's a thin mostly 3A, some 3b tight curl that didn't need much styling help when I was younger.

But after I had a baby, my hair thinned and I have the "baby bangs" growing in that make it look ridiculous on top--like a clown. I always wear a headband or pins to keep the wild bangs down these days so I don't look like a crazy person.

Finally broke down and made an appt with a local salon and a stylist who specializes in curls, but I want to be able to intelligently talk with her about what I want. I need to cut it shorter (currently just over shoulder length with grown out layers) to create more of a thick look, but I don't want a white-girl fuzzy 'fro (if I were cool enough I'd totally try to pull that off, but I'm not kidding myself). I was thinking something more funky and less mommy than a plain medium bob--like angled layers, but I don't know what will even out the short baby hair and still maintain a little weight so I don't get that Annie look. Suggestions?

Thanks a bunch to any salon-experienced readers who can reply!!

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