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    Welcome Pepper.

    It seems to me that you may actually need to see a medical doctor...specifically a dermatologist.
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    Thanks for the reply! I've thought about doing that too just to see if I'm missing some vitamins or something. But it doesn't seem like I'm losing any more hair than usual, just that it's really thin. All the tricks the other girls use like plopping and clipping, etc just don't work either. Siiiiiigh... :(
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    Hi Pepper,

    Your hair sounds a lot like my mom's. Her hair is extremely thin and looks almost bald in some places. Her solution (perhaps sacrilege on this forum) is she gets perms. It has been an excellent solution for her. Her hair cannot handle all sorts of products etc. Without a perm she would have absolutely no body.

    I am sure StruttsWife will have some good solutions for you, but I thought I would throw this idea in there.
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