Channel 7 sinks to new lows - Gates Traffic ticket

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Fox-TV (Channel 7 in Boston) dug up a 25-year old traffic citation given to Prof. Gates in Rhode Island. It was a $25 ticket where the officer wrote under attitude "poor". The Rhode Island official interviewed said this is often a comment and could mean anything. What the hell is this supposed to prove and why is it news? Faux News sucks.
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    This is to establish a pattern of disorderly conduct with police, of course.

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    That's Fox Noise for you...

    I have no doubt that Gates is an arrogant most highly-esteemed intellectuals are...but it's completely irrelevant. He was in his OWN home. You can be as beligerant as you want in your own home. It was up to the professional policeperson to act like a mature grown up, and apparently he didn't.
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    Sheesh. Two unrelated incidents, 25 years apart does not a pattern make. (imo!)
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    Yeah, but actually there were more than two incidents. I read of a third. But again it's not entirely relevant.

    But it's OK. I'm getting less and less mad about it. I thought back to the fact that many other people who changed the world (for the better) were considered trouble-makers too. MLK and Malcolm are just two of them. And look how their "trouble making" ultimately benefited us. So keep on keepin on, Doc.
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