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Hello all, for most of my 43 years I have been blow drying and straightening my naturally wavy/curly hair (2a/b top some 3 underneath I think) and my sisters have been perming their naturally stick straight hair. funny how that worked out. :toothy5: But I have decided to try and go CG!! For the past month I have been shampooing and conditioning normally but letting my hair air dry...that will change this weekend. Tomorrow I am going out and getting my CG arsenal:
CO wash/Cond: Suave Trop. Coconut, Matrix Biolage Cond. Balm. Leave in Giovanni.

I believe I will start with those. I had already been doing an ACV rinse about once a month. And using a deep conditioner about twice a month. (Ouidad, shower cap, heated with blow dryer leave on for about 45min -1hr depending on my schedule).

I also color my hair about every 6 weeks. Will start looking into other alternatives.

One of my concerns is that I work in a clean room. SO my hair is in a hair net and then covered in a hood for most of the day...5 days/week. Not sure if this is a factor in dryness of my hair.

Well thats enough for now. I hope someone can let me know if I am on the right path and any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. I know there is a lot to learn and look forward to experimenting. And getting to now my fellow CurlyGirls.


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    Lots of great info here...Welcome!

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