Thermal straightening systems available in Scotland/Northern England

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I really want to try BKT but there is no way I can afford to travel to London AND pay the cost of the treatment. All I can find are a few salons in Scotland doing the Nanomax treatments but they don't get a great review. It would be great if we could compile a UK wide list of salons and freelancers offering treatments somewhere on the site too so if anyone knows how to do that......


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    Hi- thermal straightening and BKT are two separate processes.

    As for BKT, I know that Urban Retreat at Harvey Nicks in Manchester do it. They call it the twelve week blow dry.
    This is where I get my hair done normally and I am going to have it done next time I get my hair cut. Don't be put off by it being in HN, thinking it will be £££, I've done my research and they are the most reasonable priced of all the salons offering it in Manchester.
    UK curly.

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    Loves air drying gentle scrunching with microfibre towels
    Don't like plopping, pixie method diffusing
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    Oh, I always got the impression that "Thermal straightening systems" was like an umbrella term and all of the Japanese treatments and keratin treatments etc. were just different forms of thermal straightening treatments. Since they all involve heat and straightening to some degree. My mistake. I guess I should pay more attention to the technical terms.

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